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The cheese dictionary. Some of the S selections

Learn about your cheeses at the cheese dictionary   ‘S’ cheese selection   See more  Saanen Switzerland Semihard and as mellow as all good Swiss cheese. This is the finest cheese in the greatest cheese land; an Emmentaler also known as Hartkäse, Reibkäse and Walliskäse, it came to fame in the sixteenth century and has always fetched an extra price for its quality and age. It is cooked much dryer in the making, so it takes longer to ripen and then keeps longer than any other. It weighs only ten to twenty pounds and the eyes are small and scarce. The average period needed for ripening is six years, but some take nine. Saint-Benoit Loiret, France Soft Olivet type distinguished by charcoal being added to the salt rubbed on the outside of the finished cheese. It ripens in twelve to fifteen days in summer, and eighteen to twenty in winter. It is about six inches in diameter. Saloio Lisbon, Portugal An aromatic farm-made hand cheese of skim milk. Short cylinder, 1½ to two inches in diameter,

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